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  • Amy Minichiello

This has been a long time coming....

I have been meaning to create a Blog for so long now, the more I think about it I should have started this quite a few years ago as I feel like I have so much that I want to share!! even if it is only for my records. I have a great love for writing and have many journals and notebooks with scribbled words, ideas and just random thoughts that flow from my head. For me, putting pen to paper brings me so much joy, that simple act of writing, which is very quickly disappearing as technology overtakes. Even now, for me to be typing this out seems very strange, I find the words flow so much easier when writing. Anyway, that's enough about that, lets get on with why I am really here!

After being inspired by so many beautiful blogs, I had that niggling little self doubt pop into my head. you know the one that says, "but I cant create something as beautiful as that" "what if no one wants to follow me" "where do I even start?" But, here I am now, actually doing this, and you know what, it feels really good! Just making this step, to actually begin has got me all excited for the journey ahead. And, as I said before I feel like I have so much that I want to share. From leaving home and moving over to Western Australia without even knowing how to boil an egg (yes, its true) and, I probably should mention that my husband, Ben, did teach me a thing or two in the kitchen back in the early days of our love story! To opening up my very own café on the Mornington Peninsula where I got to cook and bake to my hearts content, to then creating celebration cakes for Birthdays, engagements and Weddings!! To then selling that same café 4 years later and welcoming our little man, Beau into our lives. Taking us from none to one, which, let me tell you, had me completely overwhelmed to say the least! I thought running a business was hard work!

This will be a space where I share my love of cooking and creating, as I feel that this is one of life's greatest pleasures, to share, to inspire and for others to realise that cooking shouldn't have to be a chore. I love using simple ingredients to create delicious, wholesome meals to be shared with family and friends. For me, food brings people together, so many memories are created around the dinner table, conversations and laughter embedded in the walls of homes right around the world.

It will also be a space for other bits and bobs along the way. Including what it's really like to have your own café. From starting it all up and realising that dream, the challenges, the tears, the laughs and the stories that alone could fill an entire book!

My thoughts on what its like to go from feeling so completely and utterly overwhelmed by stress and anxiousness to feeling the happiest and healthiest I have felt, EVER! The importance of slowing down and to appreciate the little things in life, because most of the time these turn out to be the big things.

I am looking so forward to filling these pages with things that I hope will be inspiring, make you laugh and more importantly make you happy. Because life is far too short for anything less.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did." - Twain

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