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Granny's Pikelets

As the butter softly crackles on the warm surface and the first spoonful of batter hits the pan I can smell it - the smell of comfort, the aroma of love.

The simplicity of these small, extraordinary moments pull at the very center of my heart, projecting those childhood memories to the very forefront of my mind - the way my Granny's hands felt - soft and delicate, and the way they always smelled of butter. Of baking. The prickly texture of the mohair rug that kept her knees warm, and the sound of the pages in her book sliding over one another as I buried deep into the crisp, fresh sheets of her big, cosy bed beside her.

So often life's most memorable moments are the ones that seem incredibly insignificant at the time, but when reminded, these smells, textures and sounds transport us back as if in a time machine, and we find ourselves giving in to the warmth and comfort of being just that little bit closer to the ones whom we have lost along the way, but who are indeed never forgotten.

I am quite certain I am not alone when I say that the humble pikelet is a direct vehicle to some of the most wonderful childhood memories - After school treats, piled high in front of eager little hands and ravenous teenage tummies; weekend breakfasts and after dinner delights. No matter the time of day there is always a space for these little gems to slide into.

Served warm or cold, with butter and honey, or golden syrup, as my Granny suggests at the bottom of her recipe. I'd like to add a good smear of glistening jam to that, applied after lashings of butter, of course.

Butter melting in a warm pan, a spoonful of pikelet batter...that's the aroma of love for me, and one that I hope Beau and Viviana will forever hold in the memory files of their minds - those smells, those textures, those sounds and the comfort and connection that these simple, insignificant moments provide at any time, on any day.


Granny’s Pikelets

225g plain flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp caster sugar

1 cup of milk

1 egg

Sift the dry ingredients together three times in a medium-sized bowl. I know this may seem excessive but when my Granny says to sift, you sift.

In another bowl, whisk the egg and sugar together until combined, followed by the milk.

Pour the wet ingredients slowly into the dry ingredients, whisking until a thick batter forms.

Warm a large frypan over low-medium heat, grease lightly with a knob of butter and place soup spoonful’s of batter into the pan (I can fit 5 pikelets into my pan). Cook gently until bubbles appear on the surface, flip over and cook until golden.

Wrap in a clean tea towel to keep warm while you cook the others, adding a little more butter each time.

Serve warm or cold with butter and honey, or golden syrup. I quite like them with a smear of glistening jam too.


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