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An Afternoon tea & chat in Sydney

I am thrilled to announce that on Sunday the 20th of August, 2023 I will be in Sydney to celebrate my book, Recipes in the Mail.

I'd love to think that you may be able to join us for this very special afternoon tea, hosted by the ever-so-lovely Kath Vincent of @kulinaryadventuresofkath (Food photographer, recipe developer, and cookbook reviewer extraordinaire) who is kindly welcoming us into her home in the Northern suburbs of Sydney. A home that, having been built in 1907, has been lovingly (and often painstakingly!) renovated and restored over the last 30 years. With Kath's mum being an avid gardener, their home was part of The Australian Open Garden Scheme (when it was in operation). The view from the dining room, where endless cups of tea, an abundance of sweet and savoury temptations from the book, and flowing conversation will be had will be nothing short of wonderful.

There will also be an informal chat with Kath and I discussing the idea behind the book, how it came to be, and how a supportive community lifted me up when I found myself swimming in the depths of self-doubt.

Books will be available to purchase on the day and I would be delighted to sign a copy if you would like.

The beautiful Dimi, founder and creative director of will also have a small selection of French linen napkins and aprons available to purchase on the day too. Her gorgeous caramel apron makes a few appearances in my book.

Tickets will go on sale this Saturday the 15th July at 10 am via the booking link here

Hope to see you there!

Amy xx

*Photograph captured by Sally Frawley


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