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happiness is sharing the joy of cooking and creating.
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June 22, 2019

A slice of oozy creamy brie sat on top of a piece of Smyrna sun-dried quince and I was in heaven. As I stood there savouring every last morsel I cold feel the ideas blooming in my mind. Walnuts! Yes, walnuts! What if I was to put these three things together - the quinc...

June 9, 2019

My feet quickly scurried over the icy-cold pavers towards the carport; our second fridge lives out there and I grasped whatever it was that I was heading outside to get firmly in my hands before rushing back up to our blue front door. It was when I took that first step...

May 10, 2019

I really never used to look forward to the colder months; the change in seasons and the rain were more of a hinderance than anything else. But as my love for food and cooking grew so did my love for the above. I now look forward to these changes and everything that com...

April 16, 2019

My thick woollen turtle neck jumper slips on over my head and I pull a double layer of socks over my feet. Our little home, with its timber floorboards and cool draughts that sneak through the door can become quite the ice box at this time of the year. The season has c...

April 7, 2019

 The sun had not yet peeped over the horizon as I peeled myself from our cosy bed. I had set my alarm early that Sunday morning to allow myself enough time to bundle together everything i needed for this, the first of what I hope will be many, pot-luck "Instagram meet"...

April 2, 2019

Early morning rain had dampened the earth and the sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. Mum, Beau and I quickly threw our legs over the rusted old gate at the entrance of the fibro shack two doors down. 

From our living room window I can see it; the large green le...

January 12, 2019

My eyes lit up with excitement as Ben came in the door carrying a bulging brown paper bag in his arms. He had just been chatting to our neighbour on the high side of our house, the ones that have the apricot tree that glistens with those golden, fuzzy skinned fruits ev...

October 9, 2018

The container of melted butter was carefully placed onto the kitchen bench. The creaky timber swing door opened and a whispered voice said "Do you need this?"

I was first introduced to these buttery, almond meal delights at the café I worked at when we first moved to Ry...

August 28, 2018

When it comes to comfort food the first few meals that come to mind are slow-cooked casseroles, hearty soups and Mums roast dinners. These are meals that take that little bit longer to prepare as they simmer, bake, cook and release that wonderful aroma that feels like...