Fennel, Olive & Tomato Baked Chicken with Fennel & Garlic butter

I can't quite recall what we had done earlier in the day, but my mind, like most days, wandered off to thoughts about dinner. Two fennel bulbs with long, luscious fronds still intact (I cant quite understand why more often than not these are removed?) and a bag of olives that needed to be used were my starting ingredients. A tin of tomatoes, anchovies and hrmmm, what else? Fennel frond and garlic butter, whipped together until smooth. Chicken drumsticks would be the vehicle for said butter to be generously smeared all over and under the skin. A glug of extra virgin olive oil; a scattering of sea salt flakes and yes, I think this could work! Well, I am happy to report that yes it did, well a

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