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    Hello there, I'm Amy

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"I believe that food memories are at the very centre of our hearts and that through storytelling and in conversation they have the power to transport us, creating a ripple effect of emotion amongst a wider community."

A Mini Kitchen celebrates the memories that surround food, family and community. It gives importance to the small moments, that, incidentally, become the ones we come back to time and time again.

Through words, recipes and conversations, collected and shared, stories unfold and remind us of what it feels like to once again stand by the sides of loved ones who may no longer be with us. The sheer joy that comes from floured hands and the kneading of dough, of being present in the moment. The smell of comfort wafting from the oven as a meal our mother once made for us is carried to the table to be shared with our own families, our children now tasting the memories that we hold so dear - lingering on their tastebuds, adding yet another layer, another chapter.

A Mini Kitchen aims to bring joy, spread kindness, and allow stories to be brought to life through food. It will foster a community of like-minded people and foster the importance of passing down memories. The simple joys, the unforgettable moments and that invisible thread that weaves its way through the food we share that ties it all together.

 The simple, the slow, the joyful moments that create ever-lasting memories.

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