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Hello there lovely people!

Firstly, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to have a bit of a squizz. I am so looking forward to sharing so much with you. From recipes, stories and adventures to the simple things that make up my life.

I'm Amy, some would say that I have a slight (ok maybe a HUGE) obsession with food, not only eating it but creating , baking and cooking it. I like to call it my kitchen Meditation. My shelves are laden with cookbooks! You can never, ever have too many. I love exploring different flavours, trying new ingredients and most of all cooking with fresh, seasonal produce. 

Having a love for food, a love for sharing, creating and enjoying all of this with family and friends has created so many beautiful memories. Food has a way of doing this to us. we need only to smell or taste a particular dish or ingredient and it takes us back to being in places that have left a little imprint in our hearts. I for one have the most fondest of memories of being in the kitchen with my great grandmother, "Granny" watching her hands ever so gently folding scone dough, patting it out, cutting the rounds with a glass and hearing that "poof" sounds as it cuts through the dough. Even now I can smell the way her house would smell as they baked away in her oven. mmmmm my tastebuds are tingling at the thought.

I learnt so much from my grandmothers' cooking and baking, not that I realised it at the time, but looking back now it was a given really, that I would end up having the passion that is so strong in me for creating and cooking real food. It just took a little while to come to fruition.

So, as I type this from my kitchen bench (its where I feel the most inspired!) my mug of hot water beside me and my tootsies kept warm by my knitted slippers, listening to Ben chat away with our little boy, I am feeling so incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities that have been and the ones yet to come. Life is one big, beautiful, challenging adventure and I cannot wait to create even more memorable moments and to share my passion with you all.

I hope you enjoy reading, cooking and sharing along with me. xx

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